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Samantha Christy
Samantha Christy

I write sexy new adult and contemporary romances. My readers love the fact that each series book is written to be read independently (so start with any book that catches your eye) yet all my books remain connected through the characters.

If you’re looking for light and fluffy, my books may not be for you. I deal with real problems. Painful situations. Gut-wrenching issues. But that doesn’t mean you won’t laugh or get those gooey feelings. You most certainly will.

Latest Release

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Latest Release

Coming Soon

Quiet Beautiful Things

I need BIG help with this small person. Becoming an instant dad to a four-year-old I didn’t know existed comes with more challenges than I could have imagined. Then I meet her; the girl from the store. The mystery woman I can’t stop thinking about. For a moment, I think I’m saved. Right up until she accuses me of neglect.

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