Reading Order Guide

If you’re wondering where you should begin your journey with my books, you’ve come to the right place.

Note that all my novels can be read as standalones. Each book revolves around a different couple. Many people have found my books by picking up the third book in a series. And while reading them in order will give you background information you might not otherwise have, you should for sure pick up the one that calls out to you the most.

The list below is the recommended order in which to read that will give you the most robust experience, as often you’ll see past characters show up in future books. It’s like seeing old friends – you’ll love it!

Regardless of where you start, you can count on three things: Every book feels real (you’ll see bits of yourself in each heroine.) Every story has pain (because what’s a good romance without it?) And all my heroines find love (because true romances have an HEA.)

Real. Painful. Love.

The Mitchell Family Series

These smart, sassy, and strong sisters weave a series of three unforgettable stories that are so heartbreakingly good, you will not be able to stop reading.

1. Purple Orchids (Gavin and Baylor).
2. White Lilies (Griffin and Skylar).
3. Black Roses (Mason and Piper).

The Stone Brothers Series

Picking up where The Mitchell Series left off, Piper Mitchell’s BFF (the feisty sidekick from Black Roses) navigates her own damaged past with the help of private investigator, Ethan Stone.

These deliciously raw, emotional, sexy, and sometimes funny books follow three irresistible brothers.

1. Stone Rules (Ethan and Charlie).
2. Stone Promises (Chad and Mallory).
3. Stone Vows (Kyle and Lexie).

The Perfect Game Series

Meet the rich and famous baseball players from the New York Nighthawks. Starting with Caden (Lexie’s brother from Stone Vows), the “guy next door” who will have you swooning by chapter two. His teammates, damaged Brady, and bad-boy Sawyer follow.

Three men committed to bachelorhood… Three women determined to change everything.

1. Catching Caden (Caden and Murphy).
2. Benching Brady (Brady and Rylee).
3. Stealing Sawyer (Sawyer and Aspen).

The Men on Fire Series

Love Sebastian (Aspen’s BFF from Stealing Sawyer)? See more of him, along with Aspen’s brother, Denver, and their superior (sexy Lt. Cash). They will melt your heart in these three stories of love, devastation, and healing.

Heroes, not billionaires. Three firefighters. Three women who need saving. Three stories you’ll never forget.

1. Igniting Ivy (Sebastian and Ivy).
2. Sparking Sara (Denver and Sara).
3. Engulfing Emma (Brett and Emma).

The Reckless Rockstar Series

Follow Brett’s sister, Bria, as she joins an up-and-coming rock band. Heartache, loss, unbelievable pain, and forgiveness span these books that are different from your run-of-the-mill rockstar romances.

You won’t be able to put down this rags-to-riches rockstar trilogy. And, whoa! The epilogue – just wait for it!

1. Reckless Obsession (Crew and Bria).
2. Reckless Invitation (Liam and Ella).
3. Reckless Reunion (Garrett and Reece).

The Devil’s Horn Ranch Series

This next-generation series follows the kids of the Mitchell Sisters, starting with Reece’s BFF, Maddox McBride.

Three sexy, scintillating, suspenseful books about cowboys!

1. Texas Orchids (Maddox and Andie).
2. Texas Lilies (Aaron and Devyn).
3. Texas Roses (Quinn and Amber).

The Calloway Creek Series

You’ll find grumpy heroes, single parents, billionaire bad boys, surprise babies, and second chance love in Calloway Creek, a small-town suburb of NYC.

The Calloway Brothers

1. Unlikely Date (Tag and Maddie).
2. Unfinished Ex (Jaxon and Nicky).
3. Untaken Twin (Cooper and Serenity).

The McQuaid Brothers

1. No Small Bet (Hawk and Addy).
2. No Easy Dare (Hunter and Willow).
3. No Simple Lie (Hudson and Dakota).
4. Love By Design (Holland and Stryker).

The Montana Brothers

1. Quiet Beautiful Things (Blake and Ellie).
2. TBA
3. TBA


These three standalones can be read in any order. They are very different stories, but all will make you laugh, cry, and feel. Listed in the order in which I wrote them.

1. Be My Reason (Nate and Brooklyn).
2. Abstract Love (Jace and Keri).
3. Finding Mikayla (Mitch and Mikayla).

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