Quiet Beautiful Things

A Montana Brothers Novel

Being a single dad was not on my short-list of life plans.
Especially since I didn’t know my daughter existed.

Now, I’m not only juggling all that goes with having a four-year-old, I’m also trying to provide my daughter the skills to communicate her needs.

I’m failing. Epically.
I need big help with this small person.

The woman assigned as my daughter’s mentor is a dream come true. Right up until she accuses me of neglect. Dr. Ellie Stone is fierce and determined and understands my daughter in a way I can’t.

It’s not long before I come to realize I might not be able to do this without her. What’s more… I don’t think I want to.
Because not only is Ellie perfect for my daughter, she’s perfect for me.

Her drive to protect people in need has me falling for her. It also puts a target on her back.
But the beautiful doctor is not the only one with a protective nature.

And I’ll end anyone who tries to take her from me.

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  • Domestic violence and child neglect

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