Abstract Love

A Standalone Novel

Every Monday morning we sit in the same room, our friendly, across-the-room glances turning into hours-long texting conversations. But only within these walls.

In here, we’re the same: cancer patients with time on our hands and everything to lose. Out there, however, we couldn’t be more different.

I’m a wanna-be social worker who spends her weekends tending bar. He’s an artist, but I know there’s more to him than that; things he doesn’t like to talk about; things like his family, and the girlfriend who can’t accept his diagnosis.

He can’t save my breasts.

I can’t save his voice.

But what we can do is take the scariest thing we’ve ever faced and make it better… tolerable… dare I even say… fun.

People always talk about what will happen if they don’t get better. In our case, however, the unasked question is—what happens if we do?

A sweet story of love and survival with an HEA.

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